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Simply stunning LEONIDAS watch…

Really nice ‘open heart’ LEONIDAS 25 Jewel Swiss Made automatic watch. Stunning oil paint blue hands which glimmer and almost sparkle when they catch the light. Exhibition back shows off the movement really nicely.

Available from the Gents Things store a little later today. 

Would you like to supersize that sir?

Yes; as a matter of fact I would.  Reese’s peanut butter cups. Great to see more and more stores over here in the UK selling these, even better to find these limited edition “Reese’s pies” in Selfridges recently.  

They are quite literally monstrous. As was the price; £19.99 for the pack (or roughly calculated at $34).

A Gent likes to be indulgent from time to time…

80’s Omega Seamaster “JACQUES MAYOL”

Just acquired this Omega Seamaster ”Jacques Mayol” model from the early 80’s. Stunning condition for age.

All collectors of Omega watches, particularly the Seamaster are keen to add this model variant to their collection at some stage or another. It is one of the hardest to come by in such good condition, and quite simply one of the better looking models.

What I like the most about collecting vintage watches is that it isn’t really about money, it’s about seeking out something special. It doesn’t matter how much cash you have to spend on a timepiece, if you cant find it, you cant have it. Simple. 

A Gent likes a nice Seamonster…

Helpful banking…


Here to help… BUT, only for 9 hours a week. Seriously? Are they too busy spending their bonus pot to even go to work these days?

NOS 70’s diving watch just discovered…

Just unearthed some of these; will be listing them later today. 21 Jewels automatic NOS divers watch. Quite simply stunning. Very limited stock. If you want one contact us through our site here

Tommi’s Burger joint London…







This place revels in it’s informality and it works where others fail. No pretense, no culinary tricks or stupidity. They just sell burgers, they know they just sell burgers, and they know they are good at selling burgers.

They are not surly or rude; but efficient, polite and welcoming. You order, you give your name (but not in a clumsy Starbucks way), you pay, you sit. A short time later your name is called, your food is served, you eat, you then leave after perhaps helping yourself to a free Styrofoam cup of coffee; and you feel good.

Not ‘on top of the world good’, not ‘best burger ever’ good, but in a city like London you leave feeling like you had a good meal/snack and you weren’t robbed at ‘till point’, an oddly rewarding feeling so often not the case in the capital.

Worth a visit?, sure. Better than Burger King or the Golden Arches?, absolutely.  I’m not sure about the Times Top 20 in London accolade, but the litmus test is would I go again, the answer is yes.

Tommi’s burger joint can be found in Marylebone, at 30 Thayer Street, W1. Burger, fries and a drink for less than a tenner.

The Lamborghini Aventador…

Spotted in London this afternoon; spectacular Lamborghini. Looks a bit like a weird spacecraft on crack; It drives like one too….. This car is 700 HP, it has a top speed of 350 KM/H, it will go from 0-100 KM/H in 2.9 Seconds.

The official Lamborghini site states - ‘Made in Italy, Just arrived from the future’, which is pretty spot on.

A Gent likes a nice Lambo…

Oscar Wilde on fashion

"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."

Clearly an advocate of Style over fashion.

German online form…

So in Germany you are either looked upon as a Mr or quite simply just a Woman. Interesting way to treat the girls.

This Gent believes the ladies would not approve…

Honesty is the best policy…


I like this sign. It makes no false claims, it purely states that some guy liked their burger sometime. It has a rare raw honesty about it that’s hard to come by these days. It’s pretty much take it or leave it, no big deal. Whatever. 

A Gent likes the honest approach…

If ever a film was begging to be made…


It is the story of Nina and Jochen Rindt. Nina; The widow of Jochen, the only formula 1 champion to be awarded the crown posthumously.  Images of Nina show her patiently sitting recording lap times track-side during the many practice runs Jochen put in. It was during one of these runs in 1970 that Jochen crashed and paid the ultimate price for his love of motor racing.




Jochen and Nina were the golden couple of motor racing; this was an era before twitter, facebook and cheap celebrity, an era that was known as the decade that fashion forgot.


You only have to take a look at the images below to see that that could not be furthest from the truth. Nina and Jochen were the ultimate power couple on the circuit. They literally oozed style. Jochen was not a philanderer like many of his stablemates, he was head over heals in love with with Nina, a feeling clearly reciprocated judging by Nina’s stolen glances noticeable in some of the images I have discovered.


In the modern world celebrity couples do everything they can to be noticed, be photographed, and increase their fame. They court attention at every opportunity. When you look at images of Nina and Jochen you just see a normal couple going about their every day business, which just happened to be motor racing. They are almost oblivious to the attention they attracted, more interested in each other and the task ahead.  How refreshing.


Nina having a chat with Steve McQueen, Nina chatting with James Hunt, Nina and Jochen at the track, or simply relaxing post-race in Geneva, a quiet confidence exudes from both of them, a confidence that only comes from people who are completely at ease with themselves.


imageYou could call this an old-fashioned confidence, it’s something clearly absent in the modern world where people are continually seeking reassurance and praise for their often somewhat puerile pursuits. 


To Jochen, a true champion, a true gentleman, and Nina, his lady. You humble us.

Just living the dream…

Spotted in Mayfair in a residents parking bay…Beautiful white Lamborghini. Simply stunning. 

A Gent appreciates a nice Lambo from time to time…

Nina Rindt….



Jochen Rindt’s Finnish widow Nina Rindt who received the World Championship trophy on Jochen’s behalf when in 1970 Rindt became motor racing’s only posthumous World Champion.

Nina quite simply oozes effortless style…

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